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Demola Jyväskylä activates the student teams of Jyväskylä to solve the challenges of future!

What’s Demola?

Demola is an intensive study period of eight weeks during which students from institutes of higher education solve interesting challenges from the different sectors of society. The work in the team comprises creative development, multifaceted analysis of data, coming up with new ideas and doing quick experiments. Demola Jyväskylä projects also give you study credits.

What happens in Demola?

The topics of Demola can be very varied, from clearly defined design assignments to more extensive, multidisciplinary units. However, the common denominator of these projects is that they investigate, develop, brainstorm, experiment with and test different solution forms from the perspective of future. The Demola toolbox has the tools for future working, service design and agile development. The teamwork and joint development coaches are there to support the work of the teams!

Proven results through demos!

Demola teams present the results of their work as demos and project reports. The report contains an extensive description, contents and results of the project for the customer organisation. The customer is an active part of the development work in Demola and they support the team’s work while also providing the students with a perspective of the customer’s field of business.

Demola turns gazes to the future!

Demola is a Finnish concept that is becoming widely known all around the world. Demola projects are strongly future-oriented and forward-looking. Demola’s purpose is to solve the challenges the future will bring and develop the services or products that take on future trends.

Learn to innovate, develop and work as a team!

After completing a Demola project, a student will be ready to work in multidisciplinary innovation and design teams. Demola teaches the students various innovation and development methods and how to summarise, argue for and present their solutions.

Join the team!

Students of the Jyväskylä universities! Join the team! Interesting cases are waiting for your ideas.

The application form is open for the students of University of Jyväskylä and the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK).


The first run of Demola Jyväskylä

Yritys, julkisen sektorin toimija, yhteisö

Company, public sector operator, community – Do you have a potential topic for a Demola project?

If you have a potential Demola project topic, tell us about it! At Demola, we can reinforce or clarify your topic through the means of prediction and design, through fast prototypes and quick experiments.

Ask more about Demola Jyväskylä!

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