Demola Jyväskylä: Let’s co-create a training room for multiple sports

Demola Jyväskylä: Let’s co-create a training room for multiple sports

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In the autumn, Demola Jyväskylä will continue with the theme of well-being, sports, and health. We are looking for a total of 10 students from the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Applied Sciences for the Demola project to design a new type of exercise and training room together with several sports clubs and organizations in Jyväskylä. The application period for the local Demola-project is open August-September.


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Let’s co-create a training room for multiple sports

The aim of the project is to create a versatile training room for old auditorium premises in Jyväskylä. The training room is intended for additional training required in various sports and can also be used for cross-sports training and cooperation between sports clubs. Reusing an existing building and changing its use is an ecological and value-based choice. In addition, the project will create completely new services to support exercise and sporting events. The most open developers of sports clubs in the Jyväskylä area from several sports clubs and sports organizations participate in the design of the training center.


From the old auditorium building which has facilities on three floors, a new sports training center has been devised, with a special focus on children and young people. The purpose of the center is to serve athletes in the area where there aren’t enough places for multi-sport training throughout the year. The premise of this project is to provide more healthy training days so that it does not increase the costs to families, but provides more quality training in proper and safe conditions. Currently, mandatory sports-related training has to be done in various outdoor spaces (parking lots, walkways, and forest areas) or in narrow Corners or corridors of existing sports facilities.

The old auditorium has three large spaces (auditorium, restaurant, and a store) as well as several smaller spaces. The facilities need minor surface repairs, floor covering, protection, and changes related to training safety. Various facilities of the auditorium building will be furnished and equipped to enable new training methods. According to a preliminary plan, about 30-60 people can be training in one large space at a time. Thus, the premises can have a total of about 90-180 people at one time. The use of small spaces has not yet been developed in more detail, but ideas have been put forward, for example, for equipment storage, equipment drying space, or training space. During the day and on weekends, the facilities could be used, for example, to increase the mobility of the elderly or other special target groups. The yard area will be developed in terms of asphalting and lighting, which will contribute to the usability of services in the future.

Project planning has begun in the spring of 2020. In the planning phase, both training models and management and organizational models are identified and defined. The aim is to start a pilot phase in autumn 2020.


Demola student groups (2) support the development of the training room from both space and service perspective. One team will gather the needs and desires related to the use of the training center and produce material to support the design and implementation of a new space concept, such as visualizations and demonstrations, and organize design meetings. Another team collects and analyzes the needs of athletes, coaches, and family users to produce service ideas. The service development team also draws up a plan for implementing the services in a controlled and realistic manner.


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