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Idea to business

Idea to Business -course (5 study credits / 15 competence points)

Every one of us has a great idea now and then. And some of us have surely wondered whether that idea could be turned into a profitable business. Could my idea become a business?

Our job during the coaching course is to help you identify whether your idea has business potential and help you refine the idea towards establishing a business. At the same time, our team of coaches will help you understand business and its potential and demands.

Coaching can be applied for by the students, researchers and staff members of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, University of Jyväskylä and the GRADIA Jyväskylä Educational Consortium. If you have a registered company, check out Business Coaching!

Why should you apply?

  • You will get sparring and support for your business idea from the teacher coaches.
  • You will receive 5 study credits or 15 competence points from sparring your idea.
  • You will get support for reviewing your idea, and help from both the tools and the coaches.
  • You will be able to perform and give presentations several times during the course.
  • You will get comprehensive feedback on your idea in connection with your presentations.
  • A chance for product development funding, €500–1,000 per idea.



Create your own working life!

The same Idea to Business -coaching is implemented in several different ways. Choose the most suitable option for you:

  • 10 meetings (once per week)
  • in English (meetings once per week)
  • long-term coaching, about 12 months (meetings once per month)
  • five-week summer coaching (meetings twice per week)
  • online coaching available in October 2020!

By taking part in the Idea to business -coaching, you can also use it to complete parts of Gradia’s entrepreneurship’s vocational degree.


The coaching will be carried out based on the needs and wishes of the group’s business ideas.

Between these workshops, you will be able to do assignments that are related to developing your business idea. The objective of the coaching course is that the planning of your business progresses and is refined during the course.

The workshop themes are:

Describing the product/service idea
Views of potential customers
Initial review of the market situation
Initial profitability calculation
Business plan
Reviewing one’s own entrepreneurial capabilities

Kokemuksia Ideasta yritykseksi -valmennuksesta