Join us on an unforgettable journey, during which you will get to experience Finnish education, culture, and well-being. We offer customizable education-based travel packages in Jyväskylä and Central Finland.



Providing psychotherapy services in seven cities and online, Kuuleva wants to promote mental well-being. Striving to be Finland’s best and friendliest therapy community, Kuuleva wants to genuinely listen to and encounter its clients and its own therapist community alike.


Green Carbon Finland develops solutions for controlling global warming and reducing emissions that pollute the atmosphere. We work together with Finnish landowners and the forest research sector and are committed to continuously developing our activities.


Fibion is the first physical activity analysis product targeted from the beginning for health and fitness professionals. It is accurate and easy to use in connection with professional consultation meetings.


Onerva is secure and realtime instant-messaging service for homecare and nursing homes. Onerva connects aging customer, their family members and care providers. With Onerva, you will always know how your aging loved one is doing.



Would you like almost endless possibilities for customer engagement? A tried-and-tested solution that increases your cost savings and conversion rates while boosting your cash flow and the brand experience of your customers? We present On-Time Mobile Communication Platform.



Shareway Oy provides peer leasing of parking spots for those looking to make a little more money with ease. Every parking spot’s best friend!


Efficient solutions for less-invasive genetic analyses. BiopSensen offers solutions and services for liquid biopsy monitoring of cancer.

Manage Applications

Browser-based software, from process management to a full-fledged ERP system.


Binare offers both professional services and an automated analysis platform to meet various needs for IoT security.


“Buy less, use more!” Riva Clothing produces responsible and high-quality cornerstones of your wardrobe that will serve you year after year. In the future, Riva wants to be there to build a functional wardrobe for everyone – a wardrobe that solves problems instead of creating them.


WeeeFiner’s innovation is a combination of the latest science, modern technology and the development of long-term research. The result is a unique solution that enables a new level of recycling performance. Suitable for almost all different operating environments, easily and quickly.


Be faster. Know more. ConexBird is a technological pioneer on a mission to revolutionize container logistics.


“Is your management style based on facts or feelings?” Tridea makes the measurement, development and management of the customer experience visible. Tridea’s mission is to make analytics commonplace.


“Focus on what is essential”Efficiency comes from ease, simplicity and stripping away everything unnecessary. This notion led to the creation of Fikuro’s main product, the easy-to-use and cost-efficient ERP system Ferppi.

Ano Robotics

“People should not be doing the work of robots – or vice versa” AnO Robotics provides comprehensive process automation as a service for everyone. AnO Robotics exists to prevent any mechanically implementable tasks from reducing the enjoyability of anyone’s work.


IntelliNord brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to the energy sector. IntelliNord helps Customers of the energy sector from SmartGrid towards IntelligentGrid.