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Business Coaching

Develop your company through Business Coaching!

Develop your company for success in the Business Coaching (8 study credits / 15 competence points). You will be able to create the goals for developing your company and a learning plan for yourself together with your coach. Together, you will also create content that best serves your business.

Coaching can be applied for by the students, researchers and staff members of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and University of Jyväskylä.

A prerequisite of participation is that the participant has a registered company with a business ID that they will develop during the coaching. If you don't have a registered company yet, check out Idea to business -course!

Why should you apply?

  • You will have access to proven tools built by professionals
  • We will help you accelerate the growth of your company, if you so wish
  • You will receive customised, personal coaching
  • You will find suitable funding channels for your company
  • Plenty of silent knowledge you will not hear from your friends
  • Efficient networks
  • Entrepreneur peers and alumni, peer support
  • Support for your performance through digital coaching (e.g. sleep, recovery, nutrition)
  • Your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur will improve

The coaching themes can include subjects such as:


Company-specific coaching on utilising operative and strategic management methods. Continuous support for management and development, monthly business review.

Sales & pitch coaching

Sales initiation coaching, sales strategy coaching, sales management tips and tools. 

Develop yourself  and your business pitch.

Building a brand

Company and expert brand building coaching

Competitor analysis & marketing situation

Our experts' knowledge of different business sectors. Tips and tools.


Marketing initiation coaching, marketing management tips and tools.

Customer segment

Customer target group and segment identification coaching, tips and tools.


Coaching on cashflow management and monitoring financial management indicators. Tips and tools.


Coaching on funding alternatives and application. Tips and tools.

What do you need to take into account when applying for Business Coaching?

Please note that the following criteria must be met for you to be eligible to apply for Business Coaching:

Your company has a business plan
Your company has profitability calculations:
  • cash flow calculation
  • profit and loss account

Completion of a coaching course, such as

Kokemuksia Yrittäjävalmennuksesta

"Useat työkalut, kuten systemaattinen kassavirtalaskelma, ovat edelleen yrityksellämme käytössä. Suosittelen valmennusta kenelle tahansa aloittavalle yrittäjälle. Ulkopuolinen näkemys osaavilta ihmisiltä on aina tervetullutta.”

Lue, miten Yrittäjävalmennus auttoi Topaasian alkutaivalta.

Ville Häll yrittäjä, Topaasia

”Myynti on kasvanut kolmessa vuodessa yli 800 %. Nyt en enää pimpottele ihmisten ovikelloja iltaisin."

Lue, miten Marjo hyödynsi Yritystehtaan palveluita yritysideansa kanssa.

Marjo Varjoluoto yrittäjä, Pimmeheijastin

You can apply for the Business Coaching continuously - apply now!

Applicants for coaching present their Business Ideas to educational institution's coaches before being accepted for coaching. This will map out that the Business Idea is suitable for coaching. The presentation is a 5min pitching via Teams.

The following presentation dates are:

  • Thu 2.2.2023. klo 9-11
  • Wed 15.3.2023 klo 13-15
  • Thu 6.4.2023 klo 9-11
  • Fri 5.5.2023 klo 9-11
  • Fri 2.6.2023 klo 9-11

For more information, contact the contact person at your institution, contact details can be found below the form.


Contact your educational institution's contact person!
Riku Ojanperä JAMK
Riku Ojanperä JAMK
Mari Suoranta Jyväskylän Yliopisto
Mari Suoranta Jyväskylän Yliopisto