Certainties and performance for business growth

The Startup Factory is an incubator for startup companies where the best ideas are grown into successful companies together with educational institutes.

Our incubator is intended for teams that have their own scalable product or service idea as well as the will to grow. We offer both individual and company-specific performance and business coaching to teams aiming for the top.

In education-centred entrepreneurial training we will coach you on how to test and implement your idea and build your own success story.

Through our events we inspire people to put themselves and their business to the test and to develop both. Come to network with us and meet others inspired by entrepreneurship.

Dare to startup!

Tuotekehitysrahoitus odottaa sinua!
Product Development Funding

Get 500-1000 € support money for your business idea! 

The Product Development Funding can be applied for implementing prototype tests, making demos or reviewing initial-stages of your idea. 

For the students and personnel (including grant researchers) of University of Jyväskylä, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, and Gradia.

 All you need is an early-stage idea


Tuotekehitysrahoitus odottaa sinua!
Onko sinun ideastasi yritykseksi?
Idea to Business -course

Valmennus liikeidean testaamiseen ja kehittämiseen kohti yrityksen perustamista

Saat 5 op / 15 osp

Kesto: 5 viikosta 11 kuukauteen

KENELLE: JAMK, JYU & Gradia opiskelijat, tutkijat &
henkilökunnan jäsenet

Liikeidea riittää


Onko sinun ideastasi yritykseksi?
Tutustu Yrittäjävalmennukseen!
Business Coaching Program

Vuoden kestävä henkilökohtainen, sinulle räätälöity valmennus.

Coaching provides you 8 study credits or
15 competence points

Duration: 12 months

For whom: For the students and personnel (including grant researchers) of University of Jyväskylä, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, and Gradia

You need to have a registered company with a business ID.


Tutustu Yrittäjävalmennukseen!
Tutustu Hautomoon!

Säännöllinen yrityskohtaisesti räätälöity liiketoiminnan ja yrittäjän suorituskyvyn valmennus kohti kasvua ja kansainvälisyyttä.

Kesto 12 kk + 12 kk

KENELLE: tarkoitettu tiimeille, joilla on oma skaalautuva tuote– tai palveluidea sekä tahtoa kasvaa

Ulkopuolinen Gate-raati valitsee Hautomoon 12 potentiaalisinta startupia / vuosi

Hinta 245 € /kk

Tutustu Hautomoon!

Meet our customers!

You are welcome to the Startup Factory’s incubator if you have a scalable business idea, meaning that your company has its own product or idea that can be taken to international markets, and if you have a team behind your company and the will to grow. Meet our customers here !

A successful company is always led by a healthy entrepreneur

No business can succeed if the people behind it are not doing well. This is why our coaching focus not only on developing business but also the company’s most crucial resource – its people. 

Our Performance Program focuses on developing the companies’ performance, team spirit and culture. According to studies, a happy work community can achieve a turnover difference of up to 30% compared to their competitors and six times the investment value of occupational well-being.

Read more about Performance Program!

We create events for those with a thirst for success

Get inspired, achieve development and evolve! The training and events by the Startup Factory and its partners offer you a chance to develop your own skills. The training events are relaxed in nature but are made with rock-solid skill and will not leave you empty-handed.


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